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How we work

We maintain a curated database of over 300 Literary Agents who accept e-mail Queries from Authors. You e-mail us with your Pitch (up to 400 words) Biography (up to 200 words) and Synopsis (up to 200 words) and Manuscript  in Word. If it is suitable for our service, we will send you an invoice
We will check everything except the manuscript for spelling and punctuation and then create a Gmail account in your name and load personal Queries from you to each of them into the drafts folder. On receipt of your payment, we transfer the Gmail account to you. You can then send out the queries in batches or all at once - in seconds!


 1. We can accept all  genres of fiction, except picture books, and we can now also accept certain types of non-fiction. Contact us for more information,

2. Literary agents have different submission requirements - some won't accept attachments - some want the whole manuscript, some just a query e-mail, etc, etc. We design each query to satisfy the requirements of the agent to whom it is addressed. If you wish you can check and amend each query e-mail before you send it out. Normally the e-mails are personally addressed to the agent.

3. We can't guarantee that you will be accepted, only that you stand a better chance if you submit to more than a few.

4. You can improve your chances by making your novel the best it can be. Getting an editor to help you is recommended.

5. Most self-published books never make a profit and you can waste a lot of money in advertising. You are better off if you can find an Agent to represent you.



Our fee for the service is $300 (£250)

For a FREE evaluation of your manuscript,

E-Mail it to rachel@laprosearch.com



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It is estimated that over a million books are written each year and of those only a few thousand are ever published. Is it surprising therefore that many good books never get published? Don’t let that happen to your book.

E-mail the Manuscript and a synopsis to rachel@laprosearch.com for a FREE evaluation. If it is suitable I will send you a questionnaire and then make a book cover and process the manuscript for Kindle, KDP, e-pub and Splashwords. You can then open an account with KDP and Splashwords and publish your book yourself. If you prefer Laprosearch will give you a publishing contract and publish the book for you.

Please see the Video below for more details.







Frequently asked questions

What is a 'Pitch'?

The Pitch, or Query, e-mail is how you ask a Literary Agent to represent you. If it doesn’t grab the agent’s attention, they probably won’t bother to read your book, so it’s worthwhile spending the time to get it right.  Google ‘How to write a book pitch,’ for ideas and advice.
The Pitch should tell the literary Agent what your book is about, the word count and intended readership. It should include a brief synopsis and biography, and the whole thing shouldn’t be longer than 800 words.
Before you send out each submission, you could check whether the agent represents authors of similar work.  If that’s the case, you could add a paragraph in the introduction to explain why you are approaching them.  Even better if you happen to know the agent or someone connected with the agent.
If you aren’t happy with your Pitch, seek advice. There are lots of people out there who, for a fee, will help.


Everything you send us will be kept strictly confidential and deleted once our task is finished

Use of our database

By using our service you agree to use our database only to send out the emails we loaded into the drafts folder of the Gmail account we create for you. Any other use of the database is strictly prohibited. You agree to compensate us for any actual or prospective loss caused by your breach of this agreement